Adrian Primadonis

Lead Vocals & Nothing else Noteworthy

Being born in Tuna Fish, Wyoming was a challenge, especially having my name and being hung like an elevator button, I knew that rock-n-roll was for me. I used to sit in my room and rock out and pretend I was a frontman and sang into a "Fleshlight", little did I know it was a sex toy, great acoustics though. Then I drove an ice cream truck and used each and every neighborhood I went thru as rehearsal scaring the shit out of little kids with rock screams thru the loud speaker. Finally, after years of paying my dues and suffering thru many free clinics, NOVA REX picked me up and has now given me a chance to screw up on a national level.

So, that was really all the story I could tell about myself. Sadly, like everything else about me (compared to the rest of the band), yet another thing that was found to be SHORT. So I had to add a few lines to make myself feel a little more adequate on our website. *sigh* Too bad I can't stuff a sock in my bio like I do for my pants everyday....