Eddie Cruise

Drums, Backing Vocals

Raised from the hard streets of Malibu Cali. When it comes to drums and bongs, nobody hits that shit harder than me. I was an ugly kid missing my front teeth, round head, my parents lined up us kids and the dog and shaved our hair off with sheep shears, some people said I looked like Alfred E. Numen (Mad Magazine) I took a lot of shit from everyone got into fights on a regular basis and girls made fun of me. Until one day I was masturbating and realized that I could keep good rhythm. I was watching the muppets and saw the character "Animal" playing drums and I was hooked. I went everywhere banging on shit. One time at band camp, I broke out into a drum solo right in the middle of Kumbaya. From that day forward I knew I would fulfill my dream of being the loudest and rudest animal behind the drums.