Kenny Wilkerson

Bass & Backing Vocals

AKA the P. T. Barnum of Rock and Roll. I was raised in Hooterville, Indiana straight from my stripper Mother's tit. I have a appreciation for all things female. As a young teen I moved to Hollywood where I learned to tease my hair, put on my grandma's make up and play an instrument with four strings, who needs six, to pick up chicks to get fed. I put together a band called Zeppelin which I quickly changed to Nova Rex, apparently it was taken. I knew that I was going to be famous playing Rock n Roll when my first gig was a house party. It was a sausage fest and had only 3 girls, and all 3 girls tried to pick me up, but come to find out one of them was a guy. I've been in rock-n-roll therapy ever since and my Doctor tells me I'm on the road to recovery. One thing's for sure, my Doctor is a female, believe me, I checked.